Commercial Refrigeration & Freezing Systems

With the full support of our world-renowned partners -- AHT, Arneg, Freor, and Oscartielle -- Cold Front offers the most innovative, cutting-edge and high-quality refrigeration and freezing technologies for commercial, industrial, and retail applications to its customers.  

We believe that the Filipino clientele should benefit from all the advancements in engineering and industrial design around the world.  So we pursued and adopted leading-edge technologies such as the Water-Loop or Hydro-Loop Systems and the Variable-Frequency Drives among our product and service offerings.

Cold Front proudly provides reliable product delivery, seamless installation, extended warranties, and responsive servicing and maintenance.  We also offer non-branded original equipment manufactured (OEM) commercial refrigeration units with proven performance records.  

Water-Loop System


Cold Front performed the very first water-loop installation in the Philippines.

On November 2016, Cold Front  installed the first water-loop refrigeration system in the Philippines for Citimart in Lemery, Batangas.  Since then, we have done three more for Rustan's premier store, Marketplace. To date, Cold Front is still the only company who has installed the water-loop system in the country and holds the distinction of having the most installations in South East Asia. 


The system is an environment-friendly waste heat discharge solution that uses water, not refrigerants, as the only medium in the waste heat circuit. Its simple water piping allows extremely quick installation, and reliable and low maintenance operation over the system's entire life cycle.  Moreover, any repair or retrofit incurs ZERO down time so facilities can remain open and productive throughout.  Optimal technical coordination of all components produces efficient and economical multi-deck chiller system that allows for energy savings of 20% to 25% --  all at a competitive price.  And as the cost of electricity escalates, the Water-Loop System will make a significant difference in operational expenses.

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Remote System

Cold Front is one of the early adapters of Variable-Frequency Drives (VFDs) in remote commercial refrigeration systems, as well as in water-loop systems. VFDs are a key factor in reducing energy costs, enhancing product shelf life, and improving equipment service life. 

Aside from installing new systems, we are able to retrofit existing remote systems with VFDs. 


Plug-In System

Cold Front is the exclusive distributor of AHT's and Freor's plug-in or self-contained commercial refrigeration systems. This plug-in technology offers customers installation flexibility, higher energy efficiency, increased savings on operational costs, as well as minimized down time (hours vs days lost) during conversion to plug-in freezers or refrigerators, or replacement or upgrade of existing products.

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Ice Cream Freezers

Cold Front currently carries RIO-H, RIO-S, Sao Paulo, Macao, Manhattan and Boston ice cream freezer models from AHT. These commercial refrigeration models are designed to sell more ice cream by being visually appealing through perfect merchandise presentation and excellent visibility. 

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